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Aeli’s own particular combination began in Tunisia. Trained in Jazz guitar, Classical piano, and drums from an early age, music has always been a part of the producer’s life. While still in high school, Aeli performed as a guitarist at Fusion Festival in Germany with the Experimental Punk band, The Ursula Minor. It was in France that Aeli started to explore music production. In 2011, he completed the UMC - Urban Music Certificate at the SAE Institute in Paris.

Aeli's first body of work as a solo producer, “Palimpsest”, was released in 2014. It is a Rap album in which Aeli collaborated with American and French rappers. In 2016, he released a second project named “Late Future Calls”, focusing on instrumental music. Followed by “Late Future Calls Remixed” (2017), a remixed version of the EP that presents three of Aeli’s pieces reinterpreted by artists such as Daedelus, Deft and Know V.A. In the beginning of 2018, "Zoetrope" was released, translating Aeli’s background into a story that allowed him to narrate his identity and path, creating this autobiographical project.

In Aeli's approach, performing live is as important as studio production. Aeli has toured around the UAE, France, Tunisia, Turkey, Czech Republic, the Philippines and most recently South Africa. In the past years, he shared the stage with eminent artists such as Soulection's Joe Kay, Jarreau Vandal, The Whooligan, Iamnobodi, as well as Y2K, Earl Sweatshirt, Ekali and Daedelus.

"Dubai-based beat producer Aeli dropped his astounding debut album, Late Future Calls, an eight-track collection of futuristic rap and trap bangers heavily influenced by the sounds of North Africa and the Middle East."

- Complex UK

During his involvement with The 264 Cru, an innovative collective of DJs and creative individuals, Aeli took part in organizing and performing at a weekly event known as Karak Beats. In 2017, Aeli and his manager launched a new initiative: a monthly event series named Trapped Beasts, exploring the wide spectrum of Bass Music through performances by local and international artists.

After a wave of recognition, Aeli was invited to perform in Red Bull Music Academy Weekender 2016 and Sole DXB, consecutively for four years. His latest Sole DXB 2018 performance was alongside Joey Bada$$ and Damianito.

In 2017, Aeli was selected by Leo Burnett Worldwide to be Music and Sound Consultant in one of the company’s most ambitious projects: a 2000 people private event in Prague.

An immersive experience where Aeli designed all aspects of the sound and had the chance to collaborate with international artists such as Poetic Kinetics and Bompas & Parr. In 2018, Aeli was invited to join PUMA’s Suede Guerillas and served as ambassador for the PUMA RS-0 Sound Campaign. The same year, Aeli composed the original soundtracks for a short film, “Forthcoming”, by the Emirati director Aiham AlSubaihi. The film was showcased at the Arab Film Studio Awards. In March 2019, Aeli led a music production workshop and talk for Today At Apple initiative, where he invited his audience to layer instrumental textures and hip-hop beats with North African vocal chants.

Aeli had his music stamped and approved by renowned artists. The Gaslamp Killer played “Guasba Lik” in XLR8R mix and at Kutmah Launch Party Boiler Room Set in Berlin. While Habibi Funk played Aeli’s track “Habibi", featuring Soulection’s Jarreau Vandal, in his set at Boiler Room Beirut.

To forge his musical identity and pay homage to his roots and folklore, Aeli works on expanding his knowledge of the Tunisian spicy culture and integrates it into his work. The learning process is endless when it involves passion.


Zoetrope 2018

Late Future Calls Remixed 2017

Late Future Calls 2016

Palimpsest 2014

Mars EP (TocqueCity & Mal'T) 2013